Need to replace your washing machine?

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Washing machine is one of the essential electrical appliances in the home. If there are six problems with your washing machine: Vibration, noise, water leakage, etc., it may mean that it needs to be repaired or replaced.

1. More than 6 years of use

If the washing machine is more than 6 years old, if it breaks down, it is better to buy a new one than to repair it, because the repair cost of the old model washing machine is expensive, and other problems may appear after the repair. Specifically, the life of the front-mounted type is generally longer, and it is expected to be available for 12 years, while that of the top-mounted type is 7 years.

On the contrary, if the failure time of the washing machine is within the "expected life", you can consider repairing it, and the maintenance cost will generally be relatively flat.

2. Shock absorber failure

If the washing machine moves suddenly or shakes violently, it may be caused by many reasons. One is that the location is not level. You can use a level to check whether the machine is level. If it is not level, adjust the feet and ensure that the weight of the clothes is as low as possible when you put them into the washing machine. Evenly, and never overload.

3. Getting Noisier

Front-loading washers are generally noisier than top-loading washers, but if the machine is making new noises, or is louder than before, it may be time for repair or replacement.

4. Water leaks

Washing machines leak for a variety of reasons, some of which are "benign" such as an improperly tightened faucet connector, and some more serious problems such as a coin or key falling between the inner and outer drums of the washing machine.

5. Clothes with rust stains

If there are rust stains on the clothes, it means that the drum of the washing machine may be rusted. There are many reasons for the rusting of washing machines, including damage to the drum, but be careful to leave wet clothes in the machine for a long time, which will also make the washing machine more prone to rust.

6. Changes in living conditions

If you used to live alone and only washed clothes once a week, now you have a partner and children, and you have a lot of laundry to wash every day, or the number of family members decreases, you no longer need to use a large washing machine, and you should replace it with a suitable washing machine according to the situation.

  • front load washing machine

Front-loading typically costs more, but is less expensive to operate, and uses less water and saves space and can be placed under the dryer. However, the washing time is generally longer, and the rotation sound is also louder. If you are afraid of noise, you should carefully consider this point.

  • Top loading washing machine

Top-loading washers are usually cheaper and lighter than front-loading washers, but they are more expensive to operate, especially when washed in warm water, and use more water. It is easier to open and take clothes, which is a good choice for the elderly or people with limited mobility.

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