Protect your baby from harmful germs

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Newborn babies are very fragile. Parents should take good care of them and pay attention to the cleaning of utensils.

The breastfeeders and breast pumps used at home are not cleaned and disinfected, and they are often used in humid environments, which are easily contaminated by "Enterobacter sakazakii".

Infection with "Enterobacter sakazakii" is rare, but if the baby is unfortunately infected, it will cause serious diseases, such as meningitis, sepsis, etc., and the mortality rate of infants and young children after infection is as high as 40% to 80%.

"Enterobacter sakazakii" is a Gram-negative non-bacillus with an optimum growth temperature of 37°C to 43°C. The pathogen usually only infects people with weakened immune systems and can cause blood or brain infections in infants. Babies who are premature, newborn (less than 28 days old), younger than two months old, low birth weight (less than 2.5 kg), or immunocompromised are at highest risk. One reason may be that the stomach acidity of infants is artificially lower than that of adults, so that "Enterobacter sakazakii" can survive in infants.

In order to prevent "Enterobacter sakazakii" from infecting your baby, there are the following suggestions:

  • Prepare milk powder with hot water not lower than 70 degrees Celsius (no longer than 30 minutes after boiling), and shorten the preparation and drinking time as much as possible.
  • Pre-formulated milk should be cooled and stored in the refrigerator immediately after preparation. Prepared milk should be reheated just before feeding and consumed within 24 hours of preparation.
  • Reheat the reconstituted milk in a container of warm water (water level should be below the top of the bottle) for no more than 15 minutes, shaking or turning the bottle occasionally.
  • High-risk infants should be given liquid infant formula that has been commercially sterilized for ready-to-drink if circumstances permit.
  • Information above is for reference only.

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