Stubborn carpet stains?

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Household rugs are generally more comfortable than hard floors, but they are prone to stains when drinks are poured or food spills are spilled, and they can be scratched by a rough scrub.

You can add a toothbrush and carbonated soda water, and then use another item to easily remove the oil stains on the carpet. The process is simple and you are not afraid of hurting the surface of the carpet.

  • 3 Tools for Effortlessly Removing Carpet Stains

The method of removing carpet stains is very simple, only need three tools, carbonated soda, toothbrush and super absorbent sponge. First of all, you can spray carbonated soda water on the stain, wipe it repeatedly with a toothbrush, and then cover the stain with a super absorbent sponge and press hard, the drink or food oil stains on the carpet will disappear without a trace.

  • Carbonated water and a sponge break down oily stains and then absorb them

Why Carbonated Soda and an Absorbent Sponge Can Easily Remove Carpet Stains? Carbonated soda water has the ability to extract and decompose oil stains, and then press with an absorbent sponge to absorb the decomposed stains in one go without excessive scrubbing Effectively remove stains without worrying about rubbing the carpet.

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