Tips for Caring for Coated Pans

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1. Wait for the pot to cool down naturally before cleaning

The coated pan just after use will be in a high temperature state, and cleaning with water after the pan cools down naturally can ensure that the coating is not easily damaged.

2. Clean with soft items

Scrubbing coated pans with hard objects such as sponges or melamine sponges will damage the fluororesin coating. Cleaning coated pans with something soft like a soft sponge and mild detergent will make them last longer.

3. Gently wipe the coating

Scrubbing the coated pan vigorously will easily "scratch" the coating. If you want to remove the burnt area on the pan, soak it in hot water for a while to soften the burnt area before rubbing the area lightly.

4. Try not to store cooked food in the pot

When the food is stored in the coated pan, the salt in the cooked food can easily seep into the pores of the fluororesin coating, making the fluororesin coating easy to peel off. If you want to preserve cooked food, you should transfer it to another container for storage.

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